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Day two… lots more to come guys =D

As I have been producing music for over 8 years now, I thought it would only make sense to release a Beat Tape with some old beats as  way to promote myself before I finish my Soul EP.

I have re-designed a logo for myself:


Below is the Artwork for the beat tape and header for bandcamp.

Below you can listen and download the beat tape.. Enjoy!



This is a flyer I did for Student Clubber…

Neon Fest… So I decided to stick to the theme! quite enjoyed making this flyer!

The event is on the 26th of March in Nottingham @ Mirage Nightclub

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This Logo I made For An Female artist called Lotus Grey.

This ended up to be a pretty rushed and shoddy effort at the world collabs #6 submission but i’ll still post it.


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This is a vector Illustration that I made, I do really like this style… I might actually make a sequence of images in this style in the next couple of weeks depending on how much time I have.

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This months competition I completed quickly as I have been real busy!! it did come out pretty nice (if I must say so myself)! lol

I will keep an update on how it went with this competition as the last entry I had was not entered =(

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Ok, I had a problem sending my submission to the world collabs #4 competition. I still don’t know if it got sent properly! but oh well!

Here is my submission anyway! I did have a lot of fun doing it and will definitely do the next one.

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