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This is the artwork for the new beat tape from marz music!!

You can listen to or download the beat tape via Bandcamp:





This is a 11 second animation I did for a competion and my showreel.



I am not going to try and spend some time working on my animation showreel as it needs some work.

This is what I have at the moment…

As I have been producing music for over 8 years now, I thought it would only make sense to release a Beat Tape with some old beats as  way to promote myself before I finish my Soul EP.

I have re-designed a logo for myself:


Below is the Artwork for the beat tape and header for bandcamp.

Below you can listen and download the beat tape.. Enjoy!



So yesterday I spent some of my day doing a run cycle which so far doesn’t look too bad! I know it has tweeking left to do… but it is a good start I think…

Let me know what you think =D

Below are two scenes I had animated a while ago, which I touched up and made look extra shiny =D

(watch in 720p for best quality)

This week I entered Abduzeedo’s Filter Forge Contest where I use some photography / 3D / Illustrations on Filter Forge (photoshop Plugin). I decided I wanted to do it for my photography, I only did 3 entries but I like the results 🙂

Entry 1



Entry 2



Entry 3