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Category Archives: 3D

A couple quick 3D renders on something I had been working on… I will in time go back to it and finish it.





This is a 11 second animation I did for a competion and my showreel.



I am not going to try and spend some time working on my animation showreel as it needs some work.

This is what I have at the moment…

Below are two scenes I had animated a while ago, which I touched up and made look extra shiny =D

(watch in 720p for best quality)

This is a 3 month Project I worked with Soga Branding for the company Kioneo,

In this project I created the plans for the house, Modeled, Textured and did the lighting for every scene.

THIS IS MY LATEST SHOWREEL… I know it is in need of an update! i will be working on that as soon as i have finished some projects i am currently working on!

Click “HD” the make it better quality =D

A short 3D Final Degree Film that was in production for 5 months. This film was to be updated Summer 2008 (however, it didn’t happen). lol

“Runt” is about a young dragon who hatches out of the wrong nest is bullied by his two “brothers” because he is different from them.

This is a Dog run cylce work in progress!!

I will update this animation soon…

A short piece i have been working on….