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I recently decided I am going to start digital painting. This is one of many pieces of work to come.

It took me a couple of days in the evenings doing a  bit at a time (using my wacom Intous3)… I made sure i saved the process pictures so you can see how it developed. I have looked at some tutorials and looked at some reference images for this picture.

Step1: I started with the outline of the eye

click to enlarge

Step2: I think Started with 3 main colours trying to make some sort of form.

click to enlarge

Step3: I then started on the eyes and eyelids

click to enlarge

Step4: I started on the shading and reflections. I also added the eyelashes

click to enlarge

Step5: I added more detail to the eyes, also make the skin tones shadows and highlights more smooth and fluent. I also add the base colour for the eyebrows.

click to enlarge

Step6: Add the eyebrows and final touches. FINISHED =D

click to enlarge


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